About us

Hi and welcome to Mortgage Help Desk (MHD). It is one site connected to a suite of sites designed to educate and inform the consumer about almost anything involving real estate. There is a tremendous amount of information available out in web-land, some of it good, some of it not so much. The primary purpose of this web site is to assist homeowners with finding relevant information on the Mortgage Process. We are not a Mortgage Broker or a Mortgage Banker. We will not solicit your business.

What we will try to do is provide you a convenient place to obtain the tools and information to better educate yourself for when you make the decision to go forward for a mortgage. Please note that all of the information that is presented in this site has been compiled from many sources. Much of it you can find elsewhere on the web. We hope you like what you find and more importantly, we hope you find what you need while visiting. This site will not try to sell you any product. There is no book to buy or system to enroll in. What we’ll ask for is a like or a visit, to the pages of the agent who provided the information you felt was useful. That’s it. Free Mortgage Education with no strings attached.